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HVAC Cold Weather Preparation

Last November, we wrote an well-received article entitled Property Management | Winter, and as you might guess, the article describes the details of property management for the cold winter months. In this brief article, we will delve deeper into seasonal issues to quickly discuss the benefits of preparing various elements related to your commercial real estate investment's heating system.

Though this is not an exhaustive list, here are three basic elements to consider with regard to HVAC cold weather preparation:

Heating & Ventilation Systems

Check the heating and ventilation system for issues and malfunctions. This might be somewhat obvious; however, if there is a problem in the heating and ventilation system then it is much better and likely a lot more cost-effective to be able to address it now as opposed to on the first day of cold weather. Finding out then that the system is not functioning only compounds your problem, as the office or warehouse temperature is rapidly decreasing, the tenants are angry, and almost every maintenance company is already out on multiple calls and cannot address your service request for two or more days.


The cost-saving solution. Simply put, a properly insulated space provides for a more efficient heating system, which in turn yields a lower heating bill. Structural, window, and entryway insulation keeps the cold winter air out while keeping the warm air in. Insulation repairs should be made now, during the more mild autumn weather.

Emergency Detection Systems & Responses

Heating systems pose a fire and carbon monoxide risk. Protect your commercial real estate investment by protecting you and your tenants from risk. Contact your local fire professionals to conduct a test and review of your emergency detection systems and to review emergency response scenarios with you and your tenants.

Please note that this article has been published in early September, months before the bitter cold of winter strikes, and months before heating issues may follow. Find out more about how we can help increase the value of your commercial real estate investment through practical, strategic real estate planning. Contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate today.

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