Albert Pacella



Albert Pacella has more than 40 years of real estate experience, and has held his brokers' license since 1977. He continuously  augments his approach toward the industrial and commercial real estate practice by adding educational training within the fields of securities, insurance, and in more concentrated, specialized real estate subject matter.


Al has worked for several major real estate firms within the Pittsburgh region and has successfully listed and sold land, manufacturing,  office, and retail spaces, along with many other classifications of industrial, commercial, and investment properties. He believes in a strategic approach when addressing real estate values and marketing, identifying the best use for a property by analyzing market conditions so as to provide owners and buyers alike with an accurate interpretation of conditions that will affect the outcome of their real estate investments.

Al directs Industrial Commercial Real Estate's sales, leasing, property management, development, promotional, and analytical aspects. He is the Broker-of-Record for Industrial Commercial Real Estate and oversees all functions related to industrial real estate, commercial real estate, and real estate investment.

Email: ap@indcommercial.com

Telephone: 412-498-1632

Rocco Pacella



Rocco Pacella has nearly 15 years of experience as a marketing professional throughout the private, non-profit, public, and academic sectors. Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in marketing, and the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College with a master's degree in management and public policy, Rocco conducts Industrial Commercial Real Estate's operations with both an innovative and strategic approach, considering an array of economic, social, and political factors.

Rocco concentrates his efforts on Industrial Commercial Real Estate's operational, sales, leasing, property management, promotional, and analytical aspects. His objective is to provide Industrial Commercial Real Estate's clients with a comprehensive suite of services that generate results.


Email: rp@indcommercial.com

Telephone: 412-498-1628

Renee Pacella


Marketing Communications Manager