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Property Management | Hot Weather

As discussed in a post made earlier this month regarding the basics of property management, the fundamental practice of successful property management is planning. With this in mind, many neglect to plan properly for hot summer weather and, as a result, find themselves in a number of property management predicaments. Why is this? Perhaps it is easier to concentrate on different things during the summer. Perhaps the challenges of snow and ice during the colder months seem more important to some. Regardless, property management is a year-round practice, so here are a few property management tips to help address the hot months of the year:

  • Review lawn care needs.

  • Have the air conditioning system checked, serviced, and tested.

  • Check windows for proper insulation. Saving energy as a result of window insulation does not apply to the cold months alone.

  • Have the roof checked for any leaks or weaknesses, as heavy summer storms can make things much worse.

  • Have rain/storm drainage systems checked.

Remember, successful property management is founded upon a consistent and comprehensive planning technique, no matter the season or temperature. Contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate to discuss how we can provide comprehensive property management services for all seasons.

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