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Property Management | Winter

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for managing a property. The often-inclement conditions brought on by the cold seasonal shift can be devastating at times. Like all seasons, winter can bring with it severe weather that could very well affect the actual and perceived value of your real estate investments. This may be fairly obvious, of course, but even without the risk of severe weather, the winter months can be a very trying time to your overall property management plan. Here are a few winter-inspired property management tips:

  • Address possible blockages in gutters and drains/sewers to prevent water damage from melting snow and ice

  • Address ice and snow on sidewalks and in parking lots to avoid hazards

  • Check window and insulation condition in preparation for cold weather

  • Check roofing condition in preparation for seasonal snow and ice

  • Prepare for freezing weather, especially dangerous sidewalk conditions resulting from snow or ice

Regardless of weather or seasonal climate, successful property management is the art of planning ahead. Consistency in property management is key to protecting real estate investments. For more insight, contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate to discuss how

we can provide comprehensive property management services for any season.

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