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Roofing & Commercial Real Estate

Roofing is a frequently overlooked aspect of owning and managing a commercial real estate investment. It goes somewhat without saying that roofing protects everything within a structure. Why am I stressing something so obvious? Simple. Many property managers and owners neglect the importance of their investment's roofing. This type of neglect, even for what seems to be the most insignificant roofing leak or breach, can quickly, dangerously, and expensively decline into a structural disaster, especially when considering seasonal changes such as ice, snow, or increased rainfall.

Roofing neglect may result in the following:

  • A decrease in the property's value if not fixed quickly

  • An increase in expenses if fixed too late

  • A decrease in the property's promotional capability and tenancy

Maintaining the integrity of a property's roof is paramount to ensuring its success as an investment. As always, here are a few quick tips on how to address industrial and commercial roofing needs:

  • Determine the average age of your property's roof

  • Determine when any work has been performed on the roof over the past ten years and what type of work was performed

  • Schedule a bi-annual (minimum) roofing inspection for newer roofs

  • Schedule an annual roofing inspection for older roofs

  • Perform a roofing self-assessment after inclement weather, such as after a winter or summer storm

  • Address any and all leaks and other roofing breaches as soon as possible, as these could quickly become much larger problems

Remember, successful roofing management is founded upon a consistent and comprehensive planning approach. Contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate to discuss how we can provide thorough roofing and other real estate investment protection services.

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