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Commercial Space

Similarly to what we wrote in a previous post, quality commercial space in today's industrial commercial real estate market can be difficult to find at times. The availability of such space is reliant upon fluctuations in both national and local economies, which affect the reactions of local and national businesses and property owners. In a time of low supply and high demand, finding the right commercial space for your business as efficiently as possible is of the utmost importance. Consider the following before searching for a commercial property:

  • What kind of commercial property does your business need? Main street office/retail? Warehouse? Industrial?

  • With regard to the above, what kind of availability do your customers require? Does your business' location need to be visible, or is functionality the primary concern?

  • Where does your commercial space need to be located (within a range)?

  • What is your negotiable price range?

  • What amenities do you require in a commercial space? Large display windows? Open floor plan? A specific building design? High ceilings? Street-level accessibility? Warehouse space? A crane? Truck bays?

The right commercial space can be as much a promotional endeavor as it is a practice in organizational strategy. As with each, adding detail to your search helps in matching your business with a successful commercial location purchase or lease. At Industrial Commercial Real Estate, our goal is to make the process of purchasing or leasing a commercial space both efficient and engaging. Contact us today for more information on our commercial spaces.

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