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Property Management | Landscaping

Property management is the art of planning. The successful property manager relies upon a strategic mind to plan and, frequently, to adapt to changing real estate markets, annual management responsibilities, and property-related emergencies.

Many property owners and managers can sometimes neglect the importance of landscaping as a value-driving aspect of their real estate investment. Proper landscape management adds aesthetic appeal to a property, which can increase both its lease and sale values, while also helping to alleviate short- and long-term risks such as infestations, client/employee injury, and of course, a decrease in investment value.

Landscape property management is a year-round practice. Here are a few quick tips on how to better address seasonal landscaping needs:

  • Review lawn care needs for the spring, summer, and fall

  • Review tree care needs for the spring and summer

  • Address foliage disposal needs for the fall and spring

  • Plan for snow and ice removal from sidewalks, entries/exits, and parking lots

  • Identify and address possible landscaping-related pest and infestation concerns

Remember, successful property management is founded upon a consistent and comprehensive planning technique, no matter the season. Contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate to discuss how we can provide landscape and other property management services for all seasons.

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