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Property Management | Insulation for Hot Weather

Insulating an industrial or commercial building is a year-round concern. Proper insulation, of course, means lower utility bills during the winter, fall, and spring months; however, many owners and property managers tend to ignore how insulation affects their properties - and their utility bills - during the summer months. Functional, up-to-date insulation for hot weather allows buildings to remain at cooler temperatures for longer periods of time, which means air conditioning units are using less energy. This translates further to higher profit margins on leases, more competitive lease prices, and happier tenants.

Consider these helpful tips on managing insulation in preparation for next year's summer weather:

  • Check windows for insulation and general repair needs

  • Review all doorways for above- and below-door gaps

  • Consider the amount of time each standard entry door and each garage or bay door is open during normal business operation, and ways to mitigate any lengthy or unnecessary open times

  • Review all roofing and other structural gaps where heated or cooled air can escape

  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of purchasing insulation for all walls within the property

Property management, as always, is about planning and, in many cases, the ability to think creatively. Insulate yourself against high energy costs and low property and lease values by preparing for seasonal changes. Contact Industrial Commercial Real Estate to find out more about strategic property management.

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